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Head and Shoulders Babeee!!! 7/17/23

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13 minutes ago, SiP said:

This ETF is for me a joke. Its called "Global government bonds linked to inflation", symbol IGIL LN from iShares.


Its lost like 50% (!) between late 2021 and mid 2022

EUR hedged



USD accumulating



I dont get it. Really. Lets say you made a correct forecast about infaltion. You bought it and what? Lost 50%? WTF!

Like with options: Your forecast can be right, but if your timing doesn‘t fit, you are desd.

Options are a hedging instrument for pros. You need to know all the Greeks and how they work and behave.

Same with that ETF above: You need to know exactly how it works.

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So it started, This Yield Curve Inversion Is ‘Different,’ Goldman Sachs Says 

"“We don’t share the widespread concern about yield curve inversion,” Jan Hatzius, the bank’s chief economist wrote in a note Monday, cutting his assessment of the probability of a recession to 20% from 25%, following a lower-than-expected inflation report last week."



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