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More Snorebell 5/23/23

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Yesterday I wrote: 


I'd be more bullish if this were a 5 day cycle low juncture. But that's not ideally due until Wednesday. The problem for bears here is that if there's no breakdown, by Wednesday, it would set up another squeeze.  Non Functional GPS Market 

We had a minor break overnight, so it appears to be headed into that expected 5 day cycle low tomorrow. Ideally, today would be a down day. But the market has yet to show the capacity to decline meaningfully. This morning the test will be at 4188 as of 5 AM NY time. 

If they manage to achieve the modest goal of breaking that, then we'd still be looking at sport levels at 4175 and 4170. Woopdedoo. 

If these levels or a reasonable facsimile hold, then I'd expect to see them test the highs again, but no breakout today. Cycles would be more conducive to that later in the week. 


I do not believe that there's enough liquidity in the market to support a bull move in stocks unless major investors are rotating out of bonds. Looking at the 10 year yield, that seems to be happening, although they face tests at 3.75 and 3.90. The Most Widely Forecast Economic Disaster In History


Gold has been trying our patience for a dozen years. What else is new. 1957 is obviously an important sport level on the daily. If it breaks, next stop 1935. And if that breaks, you don't wanna know.  Gold’s Immaculate Correction


For moron the markets, see:

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It is worthless, and even worse than takling D Vs R in the US...."US Debt Ceiling" .etc......

(My old folk family...Mom has 10 siblings)...they are as old or older than congress


and they want to know what is wrong with "the other side".....(or young people) (guns, anger)

I loudly said, do you know what the FED reserve has done in the last 20 yrs.....

or the other central banks......they went straight back to D  VS  R....


Crime Pays, and yet both sides are "good as Gods" or more likely "Godless" and the other side is the problem...


Should I no longer trust old people (who have vested interest)......

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