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Has There Ever Been A Bear Market That Behaved This Way This Long 5/18/23

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My swing trade stock pick list was as long as it has ever been. Gains are starting to grow finally after 6 months of barely treading water. 

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2 hours ago, fxfox said:

See, the thing is this: In 2000-2003 and in 2007-2009 Europe was no where by any means close to reach new ATH. It actually LEAD the downmove and it was absolutely devastating.

This bear is over and it lasted till Oct 22. if we go several 100 points down plays mo role. The inner core of the bear is behind us. Regional banks? Who cares? There are 4000 banks in the US. That‘s 3600 too many compared to Europe. They could all go bk and the overall system would still be alive.

Any downmove which comes close to the Oct lows.after the debt ceiling is lifted, is a buying opportunity.

fully agree.


having in mind inflation the only way is up

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This year #BigTech is outperforming again. By far!   YTD returns 👇  🔥 $NVDA (Nvidia) +116% $META (Meta)+105% $TSLA (Tesla) +43% $AMZN (Amazon) +40% $GOOGL (Google)+39% $AAPL (Apple) +34% $MSFT (Microsoft) +33%  S&P500 +10% Dow Jones Industrial Average +1% 🙄

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