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As Usual, No Downside Follow Through 4/27/23

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Late yesterday, I pointed out the sport line convergence at 4050 on the ES, 24 hour S&P fuguetures. Of course it held. Now we're back on our way up, in a new 5 day cycle up phase. As of 8 AM ET, they've hit resistance at 4082. If that's cleared, next stop 4100. 

That's all for now. I'll be back.



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bigtech pushing stocks higer

no recession based on catepillar, mastercard, visa, meta (ads) earnings.

Again - doom gloom media spook people again. All is well.

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That 1 week rally in the 10 year (down yield) left tracks. The yield chart looks wildly bullish, i.e. wildly bearish for the bond market. 

And the continued existence of life on earth as we know it. 


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Vornado Realty shares dropped as much as 13% in US premarket trading after the owner of offices delayed its dividend and authorized up to $200 million in buybacks, a move which surprised anal cysts and prompted a downgrade from Piper Sandler.

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Q1 22:  Earnings:  -0.38

Q2 22:  Earnings:  -0.20

Q3 22:  Earnings:  +0.28

Q4 22:  Earnings:  +0.03

Q1 23:  Earnings:  +0.31

Simply: AMAZING!!!  You get all those earnings (well you never get any earnings because they don't pay a dividend) for the low, low price of $100+ per share.  The math just makes sense....

I'm sure the gamblers, excuse me, "investors" that bought the pop, can all sleep easy tonight with those massive numbers...

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