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What's So Bullish 3/31/23

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sorry to say and it is against my own conviction, but this thing is technically ultra bullish. It is like it is.

My problem is: I don‘t understand its flows, i mean, I don’t know who the buyers are? Lunatics? Former Gold Bugs? Foreign Gobbernmints? Hard to calculate risk if you don‘t know with whom are you playing with… 🙄

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19 minutes ago, SiP said:

Starting from October 2022, SPX paints classic higher highs, higher lows which is the definition of bulish trend. Its hard to be bearish based on chart.

Correct. No doubt about that. Funk-a-mentals were still lousy in 2009…

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So where is all the regional banks share capital going.

It's being transferred to the fixed rate borrowers.

Chief of whom it the US Government (1% yield Bonds anyone???).

Its called inflationary transfer.

That's how the US Government deficit gets funded.

Through the FED's fiat print mechanism. 

Which I have posted about ad infinitum on this board.   

It always ends with a rush out of financial assets and into real assets.

As investors rush out of financial assets the FED has to print and buy them in order to prop the financial system up. 


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