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Show Me the Money Jerry Circus Day 3/22/23

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13 minutes ago, SiP said:


Let the tsunami start. We all know,, and Fed knows too that the prices of assets are way to high. Eg Polish ebay, called Allegro is still priced with like 50 PE ratio. The air didnt come out of ballon. Just look at crypto. My God, look at RE prices in Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Norway. still absurd pricing. Need to be cut by 25-40%. 


Real Estate in Germany too, crazy prices.

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Australian real estate prices outrageous but also rents have skyrocketed.  Tents and cars have become viable living spaces for many.  Yet locally, in spite of ridiculously high renting and buying prices, there are many empty houses, some not been lived in for years.  Others are derelict and need knocking down. There's also a shortage of builders and building supplies which is exacerbating the problem.

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strage, equities in Poland getting sold, especially the most liquid one, but EMFX like USDPLN getting lower (PLN getting stronger) which means there is no stress. PLN looks resilient.

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