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Treasuries Reversed and Stocks Are Set Up To Follow 3/6/23

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Good morning! 

My air conditioning is being installed today. It's the last project in my renovation. After this, cleanup, touchup, and I can finally just live in my home. That means no more excuses for late reports! 😁

As for today's market, looks like we have another rock 'em sock 'em thrill ride today! 

OK. Not. But the 5 day cycle is on the sell side, so who knows! To really get anything at all going on the downside, first they need to break 4040, and then 4030. Otherwise, no dice for the bears. 

In fact, Friday's breakout from that nice base pattern has an implied price target of 4135. To negate that, we'd need to see a sharp pullback today, with a close below 4028.

With renewed evidence of a 4 day cycle, bears have 2 days to get it done. Or else. Mixed Bag of Signals Screaming, “Walk This Way” March 5, 2023 


Meanwhile the 10 year yield has collapsed, breaking the 200 hour moving average. It looks like a top pattern, but they would need to drop below 3.88 to confirm that. 

Why? How about $51 billion in T-bills to be paid down on Thursday. However, hourly oscillators say, Not so fast! Looks like bottom formation starting here.  February Withholding Taxes Say – Fade the Jobs Report! March 2, 2023


Finally, gold. It needs to hold above 1856 to complete a nice base pattern with a price implication of 1896. Otherwise, back in the crapper we go.  Gold’s Rebound Is Coming! February 28, 2023


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2 hours ago, DrStool said:

In fact, Friday's breakout from that nice base pattern has an implied price target of 4135.

Market seems to have shifted into trending mode. This target is in play. 

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DISH is having a heart attack after several shutdowns of their network. They try to build new 5G network based on unproven tech from Japan (Rakuten), not buyin stuff from leaders like Nokia, Ericsson, Samsung or God forbid Huawei, ZTE. It would be interesting to see how this will play out. Pretty good for T-Mobile, ATT, Verizon since they will probably build 3 strong brands, other will disappear.

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