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Never Short a Dull Market, They Said

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This is the Payout if you win.......FA CUP....$$$$$$$$

For a team that is worth ZERO........


Fifth round proper winners (8) £225,000
Quarter-final winners (4) £450,000
Semi-final winners (2) £1,000,000
Semi-final losers (2) £500,000
Final runners-up (1) £1,000,000
Final winners (1) £2,000,000
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When we look at the price action alone, without knowing anything about liquidity, the FED, P/C ratio, economic circumstance or whatever, then we have to say: Price action is bullish. From the monthly down to the daily. In things like the Semis it is even ultra bullish.

As Doc siad even 20 years ago: "Price is the final arbiter".

I recommend always to have a look at monthly charts too. There you see things more clearly. Many many stocks have already broken their downtrend from 2021 or 2022 highs, or are not far away from doing so. 

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