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Never Short a Dull Market, They Said

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2 minutes ago, DrStool said:

It's all about whether they want to lay on more leverage, or lay it off, and in what direction. Successful day traders trade the technicals, not the newsnoise. They might fade the news, if they can interpret it well enough, in the context of what the TA tells them about the trend. 

Which remains up, unless this breaks down here. 

Which, so far, it has not. 

I can agree with that.

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Enjoyed the opener Doc...

I also see PMF posting.   Good to see you around...

I literally just fell out of bed.   Spent the evening adding another band to my collection...after a dozen tests...medication adjustment.

Judging by that spike Powell must have said something?


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Lower low, while 5 hour cycle basis hourly momentum has positive divergence, but cycle oscillators flatline below zero. 

Makes lots of sense to me. 



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