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The Market's Moment of Truth Has Arrived 2/3/23

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I'd like to continue posting full-time, but my life is about to get complicated...with a surgery tossed into the mix.  Although...laparoscopic in nature, so hopefully not as much downtime as the last go around. 

I do recall making a promise to be here at each and every major turn going forward and it is my intention that I keep this promise as long as I'm alive...smile.

To accelerate the process... 

Perhaps, look back and see how many days the decline in the DJI was vs. the Nasdaq and the S&P 500 during the pandemic crash?

I'll come along and give part two to that real soon.

Then maybe one or three steps later and the dominoes just start falling.



I know everyone likes to prognosticate on Friday's, then we usually come in Monday and the whole psychology of the markets has changed leaving everyone going...WTF?

To me...nothing's changed from my early comment.  The upside doesn't feel finished.  If we leave doji's here without making new highs....could be a base for more repeats in Doc's pattern chart I just viewed above this post.

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