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Absolute Market Clarity 01/26/23

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Here's something in today's report that I will proof and publish in about an hour. 


Liquidity Trader- Money Trends

How Fed and Treasury policy, Primary Dealers, real time Federal tax collections, foreign central banks, US banking system, and other factors that affect market liquidity, interact to drive the financial markets. Focus on trend direction of US bonds and stocks. Resulting market strategy and tactical ideas. 4-5 in depth reports each month. Click here to subscribe. 90 day risk free trial!

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4 minutes ago, WTF said:

For every buyer there is a seller... Wonder who is buying?  And who is happily selling to them.

Not necessarily. Sometimes there are many sellers and few buyers and vice versa. Figure there's a dealer on the other side of your trade most of the time. 

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21 minutes ago, DrStool said:

I was trading then. The Nifty Fifty. Quotes on a Bunker Ramo. Standing by the ticker on Thursday afternoon waiting for M1, and then Kaufman's pronouncement on what it meant. 

I posted that vid the other day. It is from 1966. I found it quite interesting cause one see'sthat basically nothing has changed:


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