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5 Day Uptrend Busted in AM 1/13/23

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But why? Don't know. Don't care. The Wall Street Illuminati are blaming the TSLA price cuts.  We knew inflation was dead back in November. By the time the Fed wakes up to outright deflation it will be too late. 

So today, if that's the Raison du Jour, so be it. 

We've had a hard break in the trend and the 5 day cycle oscillators, but there are sport lines at 3748 and 3741. Take those out and bears are in bidness. At least to 3919. 😉


Meanwhile central bank balance sheets are crashing. Only a matter of time until the markets follow suit. I will update the liquidity outlook later today or if I don't finish, then Saturday AM.   Don't miss out! Subscribe here



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6 minutes ago, Jorma said:

This whole dollar crash thing looks like a some big trades blowing up somewhere. I suppose the wild yield curve is crushing a few somebodies too.

TNX being pummeled.

If they take out 3.40, the measured move implication would be 2.93. 

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In the news today, the ES futures had an imaginary selloff in the Wall Street premarket. Traders were told, "Move along, Nothing to see." So they did.  

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Its going higher guys. The longer it stays close to 4000 the higher chances it will break to the upside.


Bitcoin already sayin HI at 20.000.


Maybe its BoJ buyin too much stuff. Maybe its FOMO and people putting their money to work (you know, the magic dry powder and cash on the sidelines).


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I don't think this is back to bubble phase.

Nasdaq is dead, look at Ark etf.

I think that market was pricing end of the world scenario like new GFC. Right now market is just repricing to soft landing. its not pumping Bitcoin to 80k. its just wave.


the key question is will Fed lower the rates this year as market is forcasting? if not then we could have a problem but its the problem of H2 2023. Which is funny becasue in fall 2022 everyone was sayin that h1 2023 will be bad but h2 2023 will be great

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One of the most beautiful technical charts - the Dow Jones Industrial Average: 

- 38.2% of the bull market abolished,

- successful test of the 11.2020 gap,

- broken down trend of the bear market and SMA200,

- Successful defence of the breakout: support at the previous downtrend and SMA200.



Trade what you see?


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