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Getting Jobbed 01/06/23

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I would say that strong NFP is negative for stocks ("higher for longer") and bonds but I guess its something else in play. Same for dollar (strong data).


The only explanation is lower inflation in wages. So its like soft landing play.

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The explanation is that there were too many big players with too large short positions. 

They weren't prepared for a reversal of the narrative to goldilocks strong jobs growth low inflation. 

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There's also a lot of rebuying. Stuff that got sold for tax losses and were the weakest in Q4, are rallying the most.  

Garbage time. 

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Yes ....the Fediverse (TM) went away in 2022.

Too much reality has stunned the bond and stock investors.

They seek greedily for another blue pill.......  

Metaverse anyone???????


Can't wait for the sequel "Return of the Fediverse"

Director...Printer Jay

Producer....Pivot Pictures.


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Really seems like the stuff that gotten beaten to crap the last few days of tax selling is the garbage that floated up to the surface fastest. Bloated dead bodies filled with noxious gases float. 

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32 minutes ago, DrStool said:

If you know anything about candlestick charting, the current hourly candle is a Yahrzeit. 

But we don't yet know who is dead. 

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