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Never a Dull Moment- 12/23/22

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"What's today's magic number?"

"Uhh... what?"

"What's today's magic number?"

"Umm... is it, '80085'? Because you know what that spells!? I learned it in 3rd grade from a guy with a calculator!"

Nope... today's main number is 160... although, like 80085, today's magic number come as a pair.

Here's 160 acres in Mendocino, listed this past January for $739K... cut in September to current $649K.  


Multiple garden sites with greenhouse infrastructure are also present. 


Don't like that one? Okay... well, here's another 160 acres in "Out of County" with a zip code of 99999. I have no idea what that means, but... 


There is a large barn, propane, and infrastructure from a past gardening scene.


Listed at current asking of $565K on December 15, 2022.

Okay... I have a third farm. It's a little over 160, weighing in at 162 acres. And I gotta say, I wish I had asking of $1.2m lying around and not a care in the world... because this place is cool.....


The vineyard consists of 6 acres, planted to a selection of Rhone varietals. Planted in blocks among the vineyard are approximately 16 acres of olive trees, producing olives for oil production & providing a pleasing landscape for the potential build sites. Additional plantable land is available & the balance of the acreage is prime for recreation. Multiple prime building sites offer expansive views for miles in most directions. An eclectic lavender labyrinth, modeled after a 14th century French Cathedral Labyrinth, sits above the planted land & is harvested for oil extraction. 


Left unmentioned, and lost among your Mediterranean bounty on the lower slope is some of California's finest... in Photos #7... #15... #19... #21.

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