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Yet Another Stick Save- 12/21/22

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2022 was nice from a bear perspective.......

I can't see 2023 being much different.....

The big caveat being the pivot of course....

Can't see the printers in the Eccles buiilding deviating from weak QT until something breaks that they don't want to break.

They are quite happy to see crypto carried out on a perp walk.......

The GFA's are at the top of the sacrifice pyramid.......

BBB corporates......not so much.......

Notice how they use the synthetics to guide the asset markets in the short term....

A bear rally gets to boisterous.....they come out with the SQT (synthetice QT)

A down gets too nasty...they come out with the SQE.

They are using the synthetic for short/medium directional guidence to smooth out the bumps.


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