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Monday Starts 5 Day Cycle Up Phase for Stocks 12/19/22

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4 minutes ago, SiP said:

I prefer swing trades which last from two week to even two quarters.

Day trading - you need decent amount of capital to quite your job and live based on profits from day traiding. When you are a ceo or have a decent pay in IT etc then you really need  capital like 2-3mln usd to make money on day trading.

Im not talking about leverage, fx. just simple stocks, etf tc.

Im day trader only in panic days like in the spring of 2022  or 2020).


In terms of day trading i see lots of guys who are day traders, maybe even fake traders, but they live actually from selling forecasts, trainings and books like my top ten themes for 2023. i hardly find successful day traders.

Sooner or later the mob gets em all.

You have to sit at the Goldman prop desk to be a successfull day trader.

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BoJ did/said something.


The BOJ will expand the range of 10-year Japan government bond yield fluctuations from its current plus and minus 0.25 percentage points to plus and minus 0.5 percentage points, it said.

The adjustment is intended to “improve market functioning and encourage a smoother formation of the entire yield curve, while maintaining accommodative financial conditions,” the BOJ said.

The Japanese yen strengthened more than 2% to stand at 133.37 against the U.S. dollar after the announcement.



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Every cycle its always something different that sinks the boat.....

In the 19th centruy it was usually loans to railways....

In the 30's it was real estate losses.......

In the 70's it was loans to South American Governments

In the 80's loans for junk bonds and US real estate and oil companies. 

In the 2000's it was subprime....

In the 2020's its losses on treasuries thanks to the big print and then the lack of the big print.

Its always something new. 

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