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Monday Starts 5 Day Cycle Up Phase for Stocks 12/19/22

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My problem as a trader is that I can never decide what time frame I'm trading on. My selections are daily basis from my screens. But the intraday entry and exit points use much shorter time frames. Then the natural inclination is to start to day trade. I screw myself out of good profits because my pattern devolves into cut your profits and let your losses run. 😂😂😂

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5 minutes ago, DrStool said:

If it's not doom, there's no way I'm getting out of 16 short positions with thin profits with my wallet intact. 

Not over yet, hit resistance at 3,810 and diving hard.  Let's see if it can carry on through this time.

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21 minutes ago, DrStool said:

Stick save it is. 

Some short covering at the close. Good and healthy for the bear case. No big deal.

I think more and more - although I have no proof - that the PPT is active the whole year since the downmove started in Jan. The downmove is so orderly, so textbookish. FED wants no crash, just let the air out. So far that works ok, till the final stage comes…

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I prefer swing trades which last from two week to even two quarters.

Day trading - you need decent amount of capital to quit your job and live based on profits from day traiding. When you are a ceo or have a decent pay in IT etc then you really need  capital like 2-3mln usd to make money on day trading.

Im not talking about leverage, fx. just simple stocks, etf tc.

Im day trader only in panic days like in the spring of 2022  or 2020).


In terms of day trading i see lots of guys who are day traders, maybe even fake traders, but they live actually from selling forecasts, trainings and books like my top ten themes for 2023. i hardly find successful day traders.

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