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Read My Lips, No New Longs 11/28/22

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Swing Trade Screen Picks – Read My Lips, No New Longs (A Few More Shorts) November 28, 2022

We'll see how long that lasts.

Meanwhile, back at the daycare, today's pullback has broken a weird looking top pattern on the hourly ES, 24 hour S&P fugutures. It measures to 3955. 


Zooming out on the 2 hour bars, it doesn't look so bearish. I'm not impressed. Show me. 


Meanwhile, the BTC bear market is heading into completing its 13th month, heading for the next sport level at 13,000, and a intermediate projection of 3000. That's before its final destination of 5000 below zero, which I believe is its inherent value. 


Meanwhile, there's been a lot of excitement about the bond market rally, but what has really been accomplished. Herding more bulls to the slaughterhouses. 


Over in Precious Metals Land, gold buyers have been shopping at Mens Wearhouse. They're gonna like the way they look. 


Gold and Miners, Pullback Looks OK November 23, 2022

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S&P 4000 was essentially the 38.2% retracement from the January 1 drop.  Countertrend rally has brought out enough bulls for this to now be Primary Wave 3, The Great Humbler.  A jam up to the 50% retracement of 4150 for a last high during the first week in January would also be poetic.

However, the quietness of this board and the disappearance of other bear boards suggests that Frazier might really be in the house this time.  Really.

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