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Last Time Phillies Got to World Series Was Beginning of Secular Bull 10/24/22

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October 2009. Yankees won it. 

I'm leaving Barcelona today, heading for Toulouse for a few days. 

I still like our chances here, despite getting chewed up in the meat grinder last week. 

A fool and his money are soon parted. 

The first step toward a brighter future will be for the ES 24 hour S&P futures to be below 3725 when regular trading starts in New York or any time after that. Barring that, bulls remain in charge. 



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40 minutes ago, Lucky Eight said:

The surest sign of an oncoming financial   disaster  has been a Philadelphia based baseball team winning the World Series: 

1929 - Athletics (Won WS)

1980 - Phillies (Won WS)

2008 - Phillies (Won WS)

2022 - Phillies (TBD)

Only 1929. There was no disaster in 1980 and and by the time the Phillies won in 2008 the financial crisis and bear market had already started about 18 months earlier. So if anything a financial crisis is more predictive of a Phillies World Series than vice versa.

By the time of the 2009 world series the Bull market had been underway for 6-months.

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Good morning...

When I penned yesterday that like in life you're not guaranteed another tomorrow, nor are you guaranteed another rally.  I couldn't help but think of a post from a couple of weeks ago by fxfox as I was typing that out.

fxfox had mentioned 2900 in the SPX and it just so happened that very morning I was looking over the 500 point H&S developing and I thought to myself...2900 seems about right here. 

At the time, which was October 15th...and I can't remember if I posted this chart or not.  I had named the chart "fxfox WILL get his 2900".  To me...if you can't break above this resistance right here at 3800, you're not going to see the tests of the above range...you're going down now. 

That is what was in my mind when I typed out my thoughts yesterday...and I wanted to make it known.

I could very well be wrong, but something...to me...just doesn't feel right.  Doc quoted Jimbo's post this morning.  It's the words that are sitting there that are haunting me.   I've already said it...the 13th felt artificial.  Since that day...well, I've put my Missouri glasses on.  If this rally has any strength behind it...you're gonna have to Show-Me.

Here is the original chart.  I found it in the Recycle Bin...




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Next victim: Chinese stocks and with them EVERY Emerging Markets fund.

So what happened already in 2022?

1. Bond guys cruzified and with them the 60/40 crowd

2. SPAC‘s dead

3. overvalued crap north of 1 billion market cap and negative earnings: bombed.

4. „The future is in China, teach your kids Mandarin“ Jim Rogers idiotic dumbass asshole admirers: Extinguished

5. More to come…

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