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We Have an Uptrend 9/17/22

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34 minutes ago, DrStool said:

I'm seriously losing my mind. Today I have the heaviest load of chart picks on the short side that I have ever had, and the farking market is up a hunnert farking points. 


So you are one of those retail traders who loaded up the waggon with puts on Friday and brought the Retail Put/Call ratio to a historic level of 3:1? 😂🏻

That thing is all over the internet today, everywhere I look, Sentimentrader and whatnot.

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2-3 day cycle projection pulls back to 3725. Are we gonna be ok on these picks? 

I don't know. But I'm sticking with the plan for this week. Topless and stopless. 

Ciao, bonne nuit, et bonne chance! 

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Apparently, an incapacity of central banks to reverse prior excesses is super-bullish.

I mean... I don't even think BoE had started QT: they'd simply scheduled it.

And that proved too much.


I find it horrifying.


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Think about how utterly incoherent UK fiscal & monetary policy has been the past 6 weeks.

We're going to gather ourselves into a bullish lather globally, because...


... we should somehow believe that the freaking policy clowncar there has got it right now and will execute on this new plan?

Really? That's the story here?

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