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When the Bear Market Will End

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2 days ago Yellen said „Treasury market functions well“. Then yesterday the British Finance minister „visits“ Washington. Then yesterday evening Yellen all of a sudden „worries about adaequate liquidity in Treasury markets“

Furthermore there is a USD/CHF swap line between the FED and the Swiss National Bank since yesterday. You can bet your ass that those Dollar directly go to Credit Suisse.

There is huge huge stress in the financial system. Globaly.

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My take. 

A bizarre and meaningless short squeeze that will inevitably lead to a crash within a few months. 

On that note, I will say Bonne nuit et bonne chance. 

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Just now, DrStool said:

Also, I think that this was an example of your tax dollars at work. When the chips are down the PPT is there for you. 

Yep. Market was bombed higher by pros, not by retail. Apple, Mafiasoft, Berkshire were bought with both hands. Retail darlings like Plug Power, Etsy found not many lovers today.

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Yeah, Im sayin we should rally. If not, I kid you not, you should be scared.

Just to let you know, some insights from real economy. My bro is a trucker for JB hunt. He said that never in his life has he seen so little merchandise / goods to carry before Black Friday and Christmas. It is v.  bad in Chicago. You cant sell house in Chicago. The market is frozen.

In Poland we just started to have mass layoffs. The biggest media company just announced them today. Media is the first sector to feel the heat and good canary in the coal mine.



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