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Ask Not What Your Fed Would Do To You, Ask What You... 9/30/22

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"Echoes from the past are(designed by nature to be) symbolic trail markers that guide you forward to the future."

EDIT:  The rest of the content in this post was edited out.  It was intended for the folks of this forum only.



I'm pretty sure this room has the capacity to fit in a few more.  I can remember the days when there were hundreds....



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The SOX will get absolutely destroyed. As predicted a few months ago „we will see overcapacity in Semis wirhin tve next 6 to 12 months“, but I thought it would take a little bit longer, till q1 23 or so. That we already see it now is a catastrophe. I think one could even short it now and would get rewarded. That thing will go to 1200.

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Just now, No Einstein said:

 Doc if this post was for me, for the record, I too was pigeonholed as "slow' at a young age....the difference is the they were right about me

It was just the last 3 seconds that I posted.  

And now you know the rest of the story. 

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