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Ask Not What Your Fed Would Do To You, Ask What You... 9/30/22

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Actually, I think we're still in the head, with the neckline at 2300. That's the base for the next cyclical bull. And when that breaks in 2-3 years, then the objective would be negative 200 by around 2027-2029. 


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I think "Osso Buco Bob" has a nice ring to it.  Happens to also be one of my favorite winter-time dishes.

You joined in 2009 and yesterday was your first post?  A man of few words eh?


While I have the Canary chart out of its cage.  I don't know...until l see some change...I'm still on this page.


I'm telling you...PYPL has paid me well.  In many many ways...




I fear two things.

Weak hammers and parking the market over the weekend right at 3600.  I'll lose sleep over trying to discern the intention of that move.  I'd prefer it plows through or rejects...


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