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Fed's Bond Market Tragedy Was Predictable and Predicted 9/28/22

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"Hello, Chairman Powell? This is, umm, some very responsible participants on Wall Street.  We think it's important that you know that, umm, we are seeing some, umm, 'financial risk' here and, umm, there's been some, umm, 'dramatic moves.' And we thought we should communicate this very important information so that, you know, you might maybe do that sorta Bank of England thing, to really 'calm markets.' Because, this isn't about us or our overcompensated livelihood... like we said, we are very responsible participants on Wall Street... but this is just, you know, 'financial risk' & 'dramatic moves' and 'calm markets.' So, if you could also do that thing where you buy the stuff and everyone relaxes and everything goes up, it's win-win all around.  We have some thoughts on those purchases... actually we have a list here... because we are trying to be helpful...."

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„Buying was was focused on July 2051 bond, with about two thirds of the buying there.

That £1 billion has gone a long ways. 

You can look at that two ways: 1) They didn't do much or 2) There wasn't as much forced selling as feared

Of course, the massive long end rally today would have made people a lot more reluctant to let go of the bonds.“

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