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Central Banks Yen to Intervene- 9/23/22

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You do know...when they park it above the swing point(^GSPC), they plan to crack it through hard right?

Good afternoon gentlemen...

Everything's going well...a bit of an infection they're trying to clear up.  I'll leave the other details out...

I reviewed the thread since I left.  Two points.

1)  Jimi...Even I'm surprised the forecast accelerated in the fashion we've witnessed thus far from 3900.

2)  Bears...and yachts.  You know...I'm in the market for a yacht right?  I have my guy in Jacksonville right now hunting down a crew.   I'll do my best not to take offense at the yacht comment. 

Although, to toss in my .02.  Bears don't own yachts(yet),  because they only buy them at deep discount.

At least...that is what I will do.

See you in a couple/few weeks.

EDIT:  Doc...after viewing your video....I'd love to trade places.  Actually right now would be ideal.  😀.



oh...and...uh...I'll just park this right here.451982425_AllMarketsAreConnected-September232022.thumb.jpg.e9dfc18fd446b47eeb36155ea7cc867c.jpg

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