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Today the Cool Jay Circus Comes to Town 9/21/22

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3 hours ago, fxfox said:


good luck for your surgery and speedy recovery! 

fxfox(and Doc)...


This one's going to take awhile.  I only have one more(I believe).  Then...I may just be free.  There's also a "laparoscopy" option for that one I believe.

I'm not sure...but when I just scrolled down to post...I could have swore I just saw 3800 fall?  Perhaps 3750 is in view?  Please remember the window closes midnight tomorrow night....

I remember a few moons back when I was scouting locations for a home base(on the coast) and I walked up to one of the windows overlooking the ocean and had that strange sensation of falling over a cliff. 

Now...I know how the market feels.



"Events(in this life) are nothing more than Fractals Fractured(Staggered) by the Nature of Time."

At the end of the day...I am nothing more than a simple teacher. 

I'm going to ask you for a favor here.  At the end of the day I'm only happy when I'm teaching, so please...allow me to toss on my instructor's cap and step on the soapbox for perhaps...a few moments in time.  What is required of you?  Nothing...if you're not interested, then move along.  If you are interested in actually learning something?

Then, by all means...step right up, don't be shy.

Here we go...

If you would please just accept what I'm saying below as a gift and do your due diligence to understand more and more as you go forward, I'd be appreciative....Thanks.

This is IT.

If you look back to my initial post this afternoon, I made my current position quite clear.

What I'm going to simply ask you to do is this...:

Think over the comment I made.  "150-225 will contain the ^HUI"....give it serious thought. 

What I'm teaching here is complex, but not out of the grasp of anyone present.  None of us are limited by any means...we limit ourselves!

Now, as you think this over...

Let me whisper this in your ear.  You know the range(150 to 225)?  Now?

What is 150 times 4?  What is 225 times 4? 

This..is the basis of compression AS IT RELATES TO ALL MARKETS.

Ok...You lost me, why does any of this matter?

You have magnified the range of the expression by the factored compression(4x) and now...just simply add 3000 to each outcome. 

Can you now SEE why I said 3750 is the Pivot Marker(1/2 way point) and can you now SEE something else?

In the mind of The CoinGuy...2,24(x) to 2,25(x) on the SPX can simply be viewed as...75.  In. The. ^HUI.  

This.  Is.  CoinGuy 101: Market Manipulation for Dummies.

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3 hours ago, The CoinGuy said:


I can lay down now...



On 9/20/2022 at 12:57 PM, The CoinGuy said:

You know the ol' saying...

If they can't crack it down...they're going to crack it up.

I only care about two things...Volume and 2nd Day Confirmation.

Ideally...I'd like to see an explosion back through 3900...and then a grand failure the very next day.

Surgery on Thursday.


I paid attention.

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