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Today the Cool Jay Circus Comes to Town 9/21/22

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Since today will be my last day for some time...

I want to make it very clear where I stand AND what I firmly believe will be taking place while I'm gone...

I fully expect that volatility will escalate going forward(in particular...WILD swings AFTER 3600 is touched).  This is NOT the time to be asleep at the wheel, as you fall away from 3900...you're now in the thick of it.  The dopamine drip(free liquidity) for the bulls(and most "mainstream/retail"  bears are still closet bulls) is going to become tighter and tighter until the fever takes over and the bulls lose their sanity. 

Afterall...I was never waiting on the bears(to stand up).  I was...and still am...waiting on the bulls to become bears(and like I said from the very beginning...by that time...I'll be long gone.).  Rinse and Repeat...


3900 to 3600 is the War Zone...

As I've already mentioned...the fight was never at 3900.  From my perspective this was the outward boundary(or KEY) to the lower realms.  Once penetrated...3750 will fall as well...it is 3600 where the gloves will come off. 

Give us Liquidity...or Give us Death!

Below 3600 is where the Bulls(who now are whining like girly bears) start to take on serious water and will further strengthen their collective cry.  PIVOT.  Please PIVOT. 

As the screams reach a feverish pitch...

Help will eventually arrive...at the cost...of the MIS-STEP.

No worries...I came prepared for a long-term battle and the Captain of this ship doesn't take prisoners...

All walk the plank...One step at a time.



225 to 150 will contain the ^HUI until I mention something else...

Feel free to quote me on this.

"In Gold.  From here...bounces do NOT equal a trend change, they equal nefarious deception."  --The CoinGuy


Bottoms are my specialty...we're not even close.

Drip. Drip. Drip.  I said this before it started.  Repeatedly.

I'm actually mad as hell about all of this.  I love goldbugs. 

The best revenge I can think of...is to stay around and start dropping 'Golden Eggs' from the day of the bottom to the very day of the top. 

I have to admit...I am mulling this over.

The Gold Bugs will have their day in the sun. 

In fact....if you listen carefully....you can almost HEAR it, can't you?  Oh,,,it's coming,,,and it's coming very soon.

I not only can hear it...I can SEE it.  NOW!

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