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Dead Man's Curve- 9/15/22

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Lehman Brothers...September 15, 2008.



From "Through the Looking Glass" - April 22, 2022


Full Chart:


I'm going to add this commentary to "Through the Looking Glass"

If you view the January 5th peak on the right side of the chart?  As you leave the topping pattern you enter into two distinct 1x by 1x patterns that will mirror each other in time/price with "a rest period" in between.  The only caveat to this scenario is that in either 1x period of time you can have a very short term crash phase that will distort the chart in price/time...BUT...does nothing to disturb the overall nature of the pattern. 

After the 1x/1x period of decline is over "at the established MAGNET", which in today's terms is the March 23, 2020 lows.  Then you'll be treated to a reversal that "should" rally until at least just above the "area of rest"(when the momentum/liquidity fades...it will fail.) before falling away into the actual crash phase that should last...at a minimum...18 months, but up to 30 months(based on historical data) can't be ruled out. 

At the end of the day the crash phase will bring the balance sheet of this country back into balance.  

Not a moment before.

It is at/below 3750...we leave our current topping pattern. 

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Re Gold

Gold shares are just a bad long term investment....look at the long term charts....

They also tend to pay lousy dividends which is another dead give away.


Re the FED

If Jay occupies the Arthur Burns chair of monetary printing at Eccles Print U

Who will occupy the Paul Volker Chair of Inflation Control?????

The contest will be fierce for this position.


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