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Dow Down 500, S&P Down 80, BTC Down 4000 Since Friday - 6/13/22

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The 5 day cycle projection of 3820 on the ES hourly 24 hour continuous S&P fugutures of 3820 has been reached as of 3:45 AM in New York. However, The measured moved target is 3450.  Keep your seatbelts fastened and brace for impact. 


Meanwhile, Shitcoin projects to around 23,500 on the hourly. Easy come, easy go. This was as of 3:38 AM in New York. 


On the daily chart BTC shows downtrending sport lines around 24,000-23,500.


The long term measured move target on BTC is negative 5000. 


I'm working on 3 reports for Liquidity Trader this morning. Meanwhile, here's the good recent stuff. 

All of which leads us to the point. If you want to stay on top of the big picture, with not only clear analysis that has been mostly right for the past 22 years, but with strategic and tactical suggestions, and actual trading ideas, check out this list of summary pieces over at Liquidity Trader. 90 day risk free trial for new recruits! 

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That wasn't a very exciting bear market rally.   

I thought we would get something more exciting this year before the Fed actually started unpoofing the money that they should never have poofed into existence in the first place.

I've been arguing with a local financial advisor here. His indicators went negative in February and he started putting his clients into some kind of downside hedged Rube Goldberg contraption, which he admitted is still going to get him negative returns. Now, he's paid on assets under management, so he's not getting commissions, but I told him that he should put the money into a treasury money market or short treasury paper if you have to buy something. 

My head was starting to hurt last year when he was talking about the awesome returns from technology stocks as this pending fiasco was building. My respect for him did go up somewhat when he actually hedged his clients this year. 


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