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We Know What It's Going to Do So Do It Already 6/8/22

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They're killin' us with boredom.

The old guys used to say, "Never short a dull market." Well, I disagree this time. 

But I don't know for sure of course. There's a very narrow decision zone on the ES S&P 500 24 hour continuous fuguetures. That's 4125-4165. Once they trade outside of that range, they should be on their way. Meanwhile, go back to sleep. 



Meanwhile, the 13 week bill keeps showing the Fed where to go. 


The yield on the 10 year Treasury is getting set to blow the roof off. 


Neither of these have anything to do with inflation. They have everything to do with supply and demand. QT, baby! https://liquiditytrader.com/index.php/2022/06/01/quantitative-tightening-is-here-and-the-effect-will-be-devastating/

Meanwhile, BTC continues to demonstrate what a worthless piece of trash that will endlessly and infinitely trend toward zero, looks like. We're on the doorstep of the next leg down. All crypto is worthless. New cryptos multiply like roaches. Infinite supply, limited demand. Target zero on all of them. They'll never get there, but watching them eternally halve should be interesting. 



Meanwhile, if you want to stay on top of the big picture, with not only clear analysis that has been mostly right for the past 22 years, but with strategic and tactical suggestions, and actual trading ideas, check out this list of summary pieces over at Liquidity Trader. 90 day risk free trial for new recruits!


If you're serious about the underlying forces of supply and demand that drive the markets, join me

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Funny thing about crypto is when it first started anyone could download whatever in the hell needed to be downloaded and start mining, as they say.  Well not me. I'd spend a few minutes now and then to try and download the wallet or whatever in the hell you call it and the download always failed. I always had a vague idea that Comcast was blocking it but I don't know.  Not that a single Pentium computer would gotten past the first shovelful but who knows. Now I'm left hoping my septic tank is a pot of gold.

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5 minutes ago, DrStool said:

It's getting worse. 


If they can only flatline it, then all the traders will die, and Wall Street can pick up ownership of the publicly-traded economy for dimes on the dollar.


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