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Premarket Trend Break 5/18/22

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33 minutes ago, DrStool said:

Need to take out 3958.2 on ES, otherwise reverse head and shoulders remains intact.  



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How does crime work....? (For your Consideration........)
Distribution Yield  4.71%


SEC Yield (30 Day) 6.19%
14-17% during the Housing bust (split adjustments on security/ETF price)





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Yesterday's rally stopped out most of the shorts on my chart pick list. 

Too bad. But that's one reason why this is happening today. 

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And my energy longs are getting slaughtered. Seems I can't get past that 2% per week average gain barrier. It's a numbers game though. Compound that, and pretty soon you're talking real money.  

No doubt, this market has been difficult for a system geared for 2-4 week swings from low to high or high to low. When amplitude increases frequency tightens, it's difficult. The AI algos can adjust for that if they recognize it, but I ain't that smart. 

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I love how these real estate industry reports on housing prices call the massive housing inflation "growth."

Actually, I don't love it. 

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