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Finally Getting that Liquidity Rally 4/26/22

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1 hour ago, MisFit Kid said:

Is this 2000-2001?

From my perspective.  It's just a continuation.  2000 never ended.

I traded each leg of the crash in the Nasdaq on this very forum. From top to bottom. I will mention...my was handle was "Ora(c)l(e) of Omaha" before Doc kindly changed it for me.  I showed up shortly after the site started.  I think there were about 30 guys here when I showed up and that swelled up another 100 or so shortly after and just slowly expanded from there.

While on that topic...

Where's that tip button Doc?  I remember being able to PP you some tip money now and then?

Is the "Support your Local Stool Board" the right button to punch?

Bread and pastries aren't free in France are they?


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I'm calling it a day here gentlemen...

I'm going to leave you with this thought. 

I normally don't like to jump too many steps ahead.  So, I'm going to mention this briefly and move along...

These patterns from the top(and NFLX, PYPL, AMD, NVDA et al...are helping form this opinion),  I've seen these patterns many many times and I'm going to be posting charts to point out some of the highlights of each one so you can easily recognize them in other issue as this decline begins to unfold.  Each form of the pattern has its own little signature moves.  I'm actually working on the set of charts now...in my free time. 

Why mention this?  I'm also seeing something else unfold at the same time. 

Right to the brass tacks.  I don't know of any man in the world who has studied the patterns of all bubbles from the 1600's to the present as much as I have.  I'm sure there are a few out there hiding in a back office somewhere...but not many. I mention this...because "in the fashion of acceleration" that were witnessing in these declines?  In the names mentioned, the decline  (in)"time" and "price"(destruction) is coming at a rate that would normally signal...that what we're seeing is only the first salvo.  Meaning...expect a healthy snapback and what could possibly be a worst secondary leg thereafter.  Worse in time...and...price. 

That.  Is how I'm playing this decline.

With that said...

See you tomorrow.



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