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Shocker! Money Magazine Says 10 Year Yield May Hit 10%! 4/25/22

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Excellent post.

Sounds about the same story that would echo from my neck of the woods.  Although...toned down a bit.  We're smack in the middle of flyover country, a bit more conservative perhaps.

This weekend is the big show.

I'm going out of town early...I grew up with these people.  It's turned into a real spectacle.  From my point of view...it's just gotten embarrassing, I'd like it to stop.

With A shares at half a million apiece...that won't be anytime soon I'm afraid.


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1 hour ago, Jimi said:

Spent the weekend in LA to attend an old friend's son's bar mitzvah. Moved mainly between wealthy San Fernando Valley & wealthier Santa Monica/West LA, haunts familiar from living & visiting for decades. The wealth encountered was extraordinary. The cars... the houses... the yards.... 10-figure people are social pikers. A rich guy just-met showed my wife & me an additional house he'd recently bought - sight unseen - for over $3m. Gargantuan villas under construction, seemingly testing the limits of building codes & under the habituated assumption of an inevitable bid. I think in addition to portfolios, the impact of coastal real estate gains is also a consideration: if you purchased a house over 10 years ago in a rich zip code, you are sitting on millions & millions in paper equity gains.  If you think those gains are permanent because "our house is special and someone will always want into this neighborhood at our asking or more," then you think your risk-budget can accommodate a more aggressive portfolio, which has also "worked," and thereby "confirms" one's social station and investment acumen. 

Can capital keep capturing the vast bulk of economic benefit and productive gain indefinitely... and simply get richer & richer? Or are they going to be subject to a Great Reset?

My mom once told me about a place where she grew up in Pittsburgh up on a hill where some very the rich people lived. Locals called it "Cracker Hill," because when the Depression came, the people up there no longer could afford their massive properties and were reduced to eating crackers....

I’m re-reading The Great Gatsby and this reads like a page out of it.


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Looks like Musk is walking away with TWTR.

I'll just say...if it can't hold 50, it will test 32.

Personally speaking...looked like a decent short candidate before the interference.

Looks just as good now.

I simply can't understand the timing.  Who buys tech in a freefall? 

I'm going to come back to this on October 25, 2022.

Maybe I'll have it all figured out by then, but somehow...I'm doubting that.



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On 4/25/2022 at 2:12 PM, DrStool said:

It's about controlling the medium.  

Well Doc...that's quite obviously the point here. 

The timing seems off unless the new owner is taking the election into consideration?

That's why I'm giving it six months...for this to resolve itself.

Then I'll take another look.



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