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Explosive Breakdown in the Stock Futures- Here's What Crypto-Treasury Yield Correlation Means 10/28/21

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Yesterday as we were defarting for the evening, I noted that ES fucutures were probably headed for that sport line at 4554. They exploded through that level by a full point! Then it stopped, reloaded, and tried and failed again. Now the 5 day cycle projection is calling for 4540 or fight. 

Other sport levels to watch are 4545, 4530,25,20. 

If 4540 holds, I think that there would be a very good chance of heading toward the highs again late in the day. 


This is just the intraday look. For more: 

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US Treasury Says, More Beans, Mr. Taggart!

Meanwhile, Bitcoin had a little blood drawn over the past few days. This is still in the context of an uptrend. It hasn't affected the cycle projections...



We had noted the correlation with the 10 year Treasury yield. That still seems to be working, sometimes more closely than others.



Cause and effect? Nah. In fact, I can't think of a mutual driver that would cause them to move together.

So I think this is all narrative driven. Rising bond yields drive rising inflation fears, and actual inflation. Note that this is the opposite of the conventional wisdom that rising bond yields REFLECT rising inflation expectations. The rising yields are the CAUSE of rising inflation expectations. Regardless of that fact, cryptocopulators associate rising inflation with higher cryptophoria. Hence the higher prices of these purest of the pure speculative fictional stores of "value ." Value, of course being whatever someone will pay you for your holdings at that moment. 

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Now if they break out above 4571, I think they'll test the high by this afternoon. 5 day cycle indicators have edged weakly back to the buy side. We'll see.  I'm looking forward to the next cycle projections. 


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GOOG and AAPL a little down in the after life......

tomorrow is it BTFD as usual..........

or for the first time in a long time, is it truly.....

SNOT is running down his nose......

>: although, technically, SNOT is green...

and fundamentals technicals  FED, et al. are all that matter.......

(and Flo-Bot Friday)

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