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Fed Real Reaction Day 9/23/21

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After watching and reacting to yesterday's Paramount Cavalcade of Lies Performance in real time, I really don't have much to add. I rolled my eyes so much that my stomach is still turning today. What a farce. Criminal. The farce is that anyone believes the Fed's constant stream of lies to cover up their criminal rigging of the system to benefit only their cronies and themselves at the expense of society's most vulnerable and least able to participate in the Fed's scam. 

That's the extent of my editorializing this morning. Now on with our Daily Show. Yesterday I left here with a 5 day cycle projection of 4440 or fight. Now at 6 AM in NY, that's almost been done. But hark! The 5 day cycle projection is now 4463. Will it get there. Only the Shadow of Wall Street knows. I sure don't. 

However, I note that there's a pile of resistance at 4440, hourly oscillators are quite extended and starting to diverge, so possibly this will be Little Big Horn. However, if they clear this hurdle, there are wide open spaces well into the 4460s. So If they do get through 4440, then that's the next likely target. 

Conversely, they're attacking minor trend support at 4416 right here just after 6 AM. If broken, look for a pullback to 4400. Holding that would still be bullish for the bigger picture today. They'd have to break 4390 to get me looking for more downside. 


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1 hour ago, potatohead said:

Lee, nice call on Bonds....The Fed and Treasury are obviously using their propaganda to hide what Lee has uncovered. The whole thing is a liquidity issue and the tapering is the excuse for why bond prices are falling, but in reality it is the supply  that is coming like a tsunami.

The market is choking even with the current reduced level of supply. Wait until they pour it on after the debt ceiling is lifted. 

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