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Welcome to the New Range, Same as the Old Range 8/18/21

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We've been here before. 

Hard to say where this is going, although in view of the Four Laws of Markodynamics, I have to give the benefit of the doubt to the upside. Key numbers are spport at 4442 and 4435. If they hold, we go up up and away. If they don't, then targets today and tomorrow would be 4430 and 4418. Again, woopdedoo. 


And now for your longer term listening and dining pleasure:

Chart Picks – 25 Buy Signals and 41 Sell Signals Give Us These Picks

Gold’s Rebound Increases the Risk

So You Really Think the Fed Can Taper?

Here Are the Stock Market’s Latest Targets


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Testing using my phone for wifi. Please disregard this post. DO NOT READ!

Repeat. DO NOT READ!

This is a test. This is only a test in preparation for my move to my next Communist era luxury tenement high rise apartment. 

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Thoughts for the day:

I didn't realize that Pierre Cardano was a cryptocurrency. I used to have a couple of their sweaters and sport jackets. Back when I wore sport jackets.

Do other men in my age bracket also find themselves needing suspenders with their trousers?  

And Bermudas? 


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So far Looks like all 5 waves are not Complete on Dow
3rd of September is an anniversary of 1929 Crash so should see 36K or under to finish all waves.
last year 3rd of September was also short term Top. September top works Better then August top.

On monthly chart August will have Green candle. Possible Red candle on September

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2 hours ago, DrStool said:

If they break 4435, we'd be looking at a 5 day cycle projection of 4415. 

Cut through that like a hot knife through warm buttah. 

5 day cycle projection now 4395.

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