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Overnight Bank Heist 5/11/21

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8 minutes ago, Mkucstars said:

It's rolling over now. You really don't think today will Finnish green, do you?

I dunno. When I typed that, I think NQ had bounced about 275 off the morning low and was about -20. Now we are about -80ish. But I will say that a 3/8 (375 point) bounce on a 1,000 point decline since 4/29 would not surprise me (13065 today's low + 375 = 13,440. And, 13437 is currently the 4/8 level on several time frames).

For my trading style, that 3/8 bounce doesn't have to all be in one day to me to be "in short order." A day or two is short order to me. We didn't drop 999 points in one day either. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow. Maybe never. But using MM for awhile now, and 3/8 moves are among the most common before reversals. 

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Vivint Solar.

Market cap $4.6 billion.

Annual sales $350 million.

Negative annual free cash flow of $600 million.

So many massively overvalued stock out there!!!!!!!

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Fixed. I upgraded php without upgrading the plugins first. That crashed it. 


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The error messages are now cahced in everybody's browsers who tried to open the page. Fook. 

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