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Overnight Bank Heist 5/11/21

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2 minutes ago, DrStool said:

Gann was always too complicated for me. 😁

That's what's nice about Murrey Math. T.H. Murrey always told me it's nothing more than 8th grade math. If you can divide by 8, you can do it. Even I can do that. Just like cutting a pie--for some reason, people almost always cut them into 8 pieces. Don't ask me why. 🙂


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1 minute ago, DrStool said:

It's like fiber nachos without the golden ratio, right? 

It's close, that's probably why it works. Instead of working with odd fractions or decimals like .382, .618, , you can use .125, .25, .375, .50, .625, etc. It's basically a 12-note octave in a complete trading frame, or 8-note octave in the 0/8 to 8/8 trading frame. And it's nicely fractal to use. Basically, just keep dividing 100 by 2 to arrive at the numbers, and move the decimals to the left or right depending on the size of the market price/trading frame.

Kind of a lazy man's shortcut. Which makes me the perfect person for the job. 


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5 day cycle projection drops to 4096. I guess they're throwing a crash and I didn't get invited. 

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Either the numbers just don't support it, or I'm missing something obvious. 

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