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How Bad Was That Yobs Report, Man? Not Bad At All, Just Wrong 5/10/21

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As soon as I heard that Friday's nonfarm payrolls report was the biggest "miss" in history, I knew that something was "amiss."  And it wasn't the eConomissts estimates. As much as I can't stan

Thanks. You can share it from here or WSE.   There are two ways to share a post from the board. You can share the thread, using the share icon at the top of the thread. Or you can share the post.

Our hulking bald headed math teacher, Mr. Knoll (think Steve Liesman) would turn around and catch us, or see the spitballs on the floor. He told us to stop the Moronic Action. 

From then on, whenever anyone wanted to have a spitball fight, they would call for Moronic Action. 

This is like Wall Street today. Every day is Moronic Action Day. 


Just a little diversion there. 

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Next question. 

On days that Mkucstars is here, the market will go _______________?

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It's amazing. When the market is going up, nobody is here. As soon as the S&P drops 5 points 3 people show up. 

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Lee, great article on BLS data.

The 10 year period you mentioned that takes last 5 years and next 5 years using the x-13 formula, was that from the following: 

" That is, a final seasonally adjusted estimate for a single time point requires up to 5 years of monthly data preceding and following that time point. "



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TSLA GAP down ...jumped over 666 on its way to hell.......told you the boys have a sense of humor

all the stonks that are/were the rage on robinhood are on the list...the boys have decided it is time to punish the ignorant and or stupid rookies...

peak robinhood was when the press got involved

check out theses favorites BLDP high 41 now 14......PLUG  high 75.... now 21......TSLA....897.....now 640 and rolling.... GME 484 now 175 and rolling over...etc etc...

the Market will continue higher but the mico investors in the social media world will get, are getting, a spanking

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