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Vaccination Day! 5/3/21

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And of course, now they're coming right backs. 

With that, I'll say, Good night and good luck!

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I'll just say I am not afraid of the virus, it really is just a bad flu that may kill a lot of people with weakened immune systems but that isn't me. Both my kids had it and it was just a few days of flu symptoms. It has been over blown by media, it ain't nothing but it ain't all that, ya know? I just figured it may come down to needing it to fly or something. I'm not afraid of the shot either, so I got one.

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My immune system is just fine. I usually get one cold per year. However, I'm 70, have had a heart attack, have been on an external heart pump overnight to keep me alive for surgery, and have flatlined in that surgery. Therefore, I know that I have cardiovascular disease, so I am among those at high risk of death if I contract the virus. Those with my condition have 1 40% risk of hospitalization, and early on in the pandemic before there were at least a few treatments, 10% of those patients died.

This is not just a bad flu. I know 5 people who died. 3 of my best friends had it also and 2 of them were so sick for weeks that I thought they were going to die. 600,000 Americans, and 3.2 million people, at least, died from it. Excess death rates indicate that they true number of deaths from Covid are 10-20% greater than that. Hospital workers and systems around the world have been completely overwhelmed and in some cases, they have collapsed. The news out of India lately has been horrifying.   

People with long Covid have had symptoms that have lasted for months, and some of those symptoms are debilitating. Two of my friends continue to have flareups months after initially recovering. No one knows if they're permanent. There's growing evidence of permanent organ damage. And some children who have had the virus with few or no symptoms have subsequently suffered neurological symptoms. 

No one knows the long term cost, but the short term costs have been devastating.

There are several places where people can educate themselves about the impacts. 

Thank Quantum Mechanics and the goddess of good luck, that your kids are ok. I hope that they stay ok, and are not among those turning up later with neurological disorders. 

I'm not here to argue about this. I just want to put the facts out there. 

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