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Every Time You Say that It Goes Up 4/26/21

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Have you ever noticed that as soon as you put it in writing--anything-- it does the opposite. 


10 hours ago, Jimi said:



From my perspective, the best thing is to say nothing. All the time. That way, the market can't make me look bad. 

Or conversely, it could make me look bad all the time. 

So, I'll report. You decide. 

I just made that up. Pretty catchy, huh?

Here's the 2 hour bar chart of the ES for a little 5:30 AM ET perspective. 

Perfectly poised for codpiece breakout. 


Or maybe not. 

I love you all. 

I shall return. 

I'll be back. 

Stock Market Gets Knocked Down But Still Packs Punch



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Zooming in on the hourly, one or more of the short cycles want to roll over. If they don't by mid day, bears, tighten up. Because we are going to get slaughtered if this doesn't break down. 


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$/€ I've had 4% inflation this month. Should I be worried?

Cycle projections say 1.23-1.24 on this move. I don't feel it much here in Croatia because everything is so cheap, but when I make my way to central Europe this summer, I think I'll be eating a lot of bread. Whole grain, of course. 


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No more trading for me. I'm just going to buy and hold. In 5 years I'll be rich. I'll have enough to retire.

(Sarc alert)

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Well, another breathtakingly exciting day, as the markets seem to have found an invisible resistance level, that they are attempting to chew through. 

I'm still bullish, unfortunately. I mean, not that I am bullish. The trend is bullish.

Until it isn't. 

Ciao, and good night! 

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