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The Unidirectional (Almost) Stock Market Plods Uphill 4/5/21

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Tried to get a bead on the 2-3 day cycle projection but it's a little tricky in a market that doesn't fucktuate. My best guess here is 4095.

Give or take a hundred. 

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3 hours ago, DrStool said:

Everybody knows the Fed is going to be buying Treasuries with both fists.  The stock rally ending with a sell the fact moment is possible but then again this could be just the start.  As I was saying two years ago they are going to inflate this mofo or die trying.  

Is the Fed so dumb that it is going to wait till the 10yr heads to 2 and beyond and crushes the PD's?  Just to have an excuse for what everyone wants them to do and what they are going to do anyway? That is buy enough Treasury paper to keep rates in a range below here. It's all so unnecessary and so dishonest and to boot in nobodies interest.  Well admittedly their words about "inflation" and "the market" will be rendered obvioiusy absurd to a wider swath of the populous. So what. Everybody is in on it.  Nonsense spouted in the name of what people want is actually noble. Destined to garner praise not scorn.  

I sort of came into this world when bond traders had fop sweats over $10bn quarterly fundings or was it $30bn. A trifle now. How quaint.  So anyway is anyone really needing a change in underwear here?  I don't think so. Everybody knows.

I am actually sympathetic to the inflationary cause.  It's the means that is the problem. Wherein bankers run the racket and call the tune.

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As I advised weeks ago the most shorted companies will cash in with secondaries to provide the stock for the Long short funds to unwind their shorts.

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I cant but think that the Archegos buying provided a perfect opportunity for insiders of the bought companies to cash out. 

Put up $10 Billion borrowed $50 Billion.....buy buy buy.

Wonderful oportunity for insiders to cash out at top prices.

If they were presented with such an opportunity woundnt they take it??????  

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