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The Unidirectional (Almost) Stock Market Plods Uphill 4/5/21

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A pitcher is worth a thousand words. 

Great pitching beats good hitting. 

The 5 day cycle projection is 4035-43. Almost there. 


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The stock market is living on "borrowed" time, and it's getting more expensive every day. 


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Its housing.

Thats why its rocketing.

With inflation over 30 years most of the the value of the house is gifted to the owner.

A 30 Year fixed rate mortgage gives it the highest Inflationary gift number of any investment.

Its basically an Inverse 30 Year treasury bond.

Its like investing in a 30 year treasury bond Inverse ETF but with almost nil transaction costs!!!!!

2021 is the inverse of 1982 (the greatest year to invest in bonds).

Also you can HELOC your gains out every year and use it as a form of annual income.

And if the asset declines in value you just walk away.

Heads you win tails you lose nothing.

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When food delivery companies are the hot IPOs that tells you something. Not exactly an innovative industry with high barriers to entry. 

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Here in Croatia alone there are 3 competitors in the field, Glovo, Wolt, and Pauza, each of which is active in several European countries. 

They are competing with the supermarket chains who do their own deliveries. I was using one of the bicycle delivery services, but the grocery stores they worked with kept sending me shit that was bad or wrong, or they were out of stock, or the courier couldn't find my apartment.

So I switched to ordering from the biggest supermarket chain. It doesn't come the same day, it's next day. They're always on time. If they don't have the product, it's not available to be ordered on the web site. The quality and selection are excellent, and the price is competitive with the bicycle guys. 

I don't see how stuff like DoorDash or Instacart can be profitable. The chains can deliver at break even or a small loss and still come out ahead. 


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Perspective. 2 hour bars. Honestly, there's no ceiling. There's no resistance to stop this. It will have to die from momentum exhaustion. 

Click to engorge. 


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