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The Hourly Chart Bear Market Shows the Way to the Seventies Crash 3/4/21

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I can think of worse things than a condo in Cabo, pass it to the heirs! Hope all stoles are well!  

stoolies   I'm having deja vu all over again looking through these posts - Doc still brilliant!  

Wow. They broke the thing that used to go up only, or something.

Steve LIesman, Fed Whisperer, says Powell is not going to act on the long end.  We will see.


Liesman is quite the name for PR man posing as a journalist. Well he actually thinks he's a journalist. 

So Trump wasn't sworn in as President today?

Speaking of funny names how is your old pal Dick Arms doing Lee?

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I keep remembering the 21% prime we had in the early 80s.  Volker had big balls to do what he did.   My company moved me to Minneapolis and had to buy my mortgage down to 10%.  I thought I was lucky....   and I was.

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52 minutes ago, Takachi-1 said:

I don't remember that the Fed has any options to impact the long end?

There is nothing to remember.  They just buy outstanding Treasury coupon issues. A few trillion should do it.

Here is the thing. Nobody is against it. They aren't even against it. There is just the problem that since the BOE the first central bank  came into existence the very first rule for central banks was you don't take a dominant position in your governments debt. Well that rule is out the window but they are loath to say that's what they are doing. They can't bring themselves to say it.

It's a funny situation if you think about it.

I sympathize with the inflationists, which is everyone, but the problem with more money fixing everything is corruption. Like all things human.



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