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How To Make Home Depot Pay Up


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Brings up a good point. My wife knows a guy who won a small judgement against paypal.com, and he can't get the company to pay up. They sent him a 30 page document exonerating themselves for him to sign and he refused. THEY LOST THE CASE. He doesn't know what to do. Apparently a big corporation is indeed above the law. Must be nice.

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I found an interesting message board regarding the topic of credit: http://www.creditboards.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=300


Here's one post that seems fitting to this thread:


KRON TV 4 news did a story last night on a woman who bought a home in Pleasanton, CA. She needed an extra $30K towards the down payment - SO - she received a 0% LOAN RECOMMENDED BY THE CITY OF PLEASANTON.

Something called shared equity, but it was 0% interest.


The lady took the cash, made payments, and when she sold the house, it had appreciated about $150K. She had her new house ready, with the profit

from the current house.


The shared equity loan for the $30k HAD NO CAP. THEY TOOK $97,000 (60% of the equity).


NEWS 4 asked the Loan guy if he thought that price was steep - borrow $30,000 - pay back $97,000 - two years later - particularly on financing RECOMMENDED by the CITY OF PLEASANTON.


He said people need options to buy their first home - particularly in California.


The lady now lives in a small place in Bend, Oregon - she doesn't have the ability to buy a house in the Bay Area.


YUP - everything is legal!


Lol, I found myself compelled to register and post after I read that: this was my reply :blink:


I don't see anything wrong with what the lenders did. They loaned her free money for a stake in the equity of the house. She sold the house and had to give the equity share back to the lender who took all the risk.


Where's the unfairness? They did not charge here ONE CENT of interest and she profited $53,000.00! Notice that fact is left out of the News 4 press release for added shock value!


Fair press, designed to educate consumers might read like this: News 4, dumb lady counts her chickens before they hatch and complains about a business deal she conveniently forgot.


That's the problem with the press. They want us to use emotions instead of our brains.

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Getting these companies to pay is easy. You just contact the Sheriff, fill out 10 forms and then you can seize assets and bank accounts.


I did this in small claims to a huge multi-national that refused to pay 5 G's they had stolen from me in foreign exchange transaction fees. They tortured me for 2 months by stalling and refusing to cooperate.


I put a tap till on their main location. This is where an armed Sherrif comes in and stands there until the mail arrives. He then opens the mail and removes any checks to satisfy the judgement.


Whaddaya know? They gave him a cashiers check in 15 minutes. Shocking!


I could have gone after their real estate but I'm a nice guy.

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