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Spy Point And Go Figure Chart


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alias, Point & Figure Chart.


P&F charts only plot price.

What could those xxx's mean? sniff thinks there is some danger of a short term bounce...

Random thought's:

The shorts cover Friday afternoon. Creating a bounce

The world might not blow up over the week end.

Tuesday, whew, we are still here, & wow look at that Friday bounce. Sheeple don't know what a short squeeze is. Buy, Buy, Buy... another green candle... Great, got some mommentum going now, and gee, confirmation.


But, it could easily fizzle, at that blue line. The price has to move up, three more stacks of domino's to get more XXX's to 87....then as sheeple wake up and wonder what they just did, hungry bears move back in.


option week....... I think, I asked intraday, and Yobo1, DF?( not sure, I have CRS, Can't Remember Sh*t) responded up then down into Maxx-Pain.... of course cmaps seldom wrong, but always fun to kick this stuff around.


again. sniped from Parttime Trader.com

"Believe What You See, and Don't Try to See What You Believe"


thoughts and opinions fine


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I think we will most likely end next week higher, barring Arch Crawford's doomsday scenarios, etc. That'll relieve the Dover Sole condition in the technicals, clear out the weak shorts, get the weak longs on board, have everyone talking higher low and new bull market, etc. This jives with my call for an "e" wave up move within the b wave. Then we can start the real collapse into c of C.

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thank you for the reply's...I agree with your views... However I am slightly confused... the spx and the spy show different charts


Most of you posted the spx and I posted the spy tracking stock.


The spx suggests it may work into a coil or triangle. And spy seems to be saying, I want a little pop first, as Sloth suggests with the hammer.


I am going to guess... stockchart.com uses a different scale for the spx because the number 800 plus vrs. 80 plus.... which shines a slightly different light on the charts......... would the spy chart be more sensitive?.... No need getting to picky about it.... it's option week and the Chicago boys will be in charge anyway...

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