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World Stock Markets Trading Discussion for Tuesday 11/13/12

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Inveshtors are shifting from junk to stinkTM


ETF Fervor Shifts to Loans as Bonds Lose Luster: Credit Markets


By Lisa Abramowicz - Nov 13, 2012 7:07 AM ET


Exchange-traded funds that amassed junk bonds at a record pace in the first half of 2012 are now attracting unprecedented cash to buy speculative-grade loans as investors wager that a four-year rally in the notes is ending.


Blackstone Group LP (BX), the world’s largest private-equity firm, is planning its first ETF that will mostly buy loans, and Pyxis Capital LP, spun off from Highland Capital Management LP, announced its first such fund last week. Invesco Ltd.’s PowerShares Senior Loan (BKLN) fund, started two years ago as the first ETF solely dedicated to loans, has grown to become the third- biggest speculative-grade debt ETF with $1.2 billion of assets.




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There's no national security implication.


There's no real scandal.


We don't know that yet.

They raided whatsherface's house.

Reports have it that Gen. Allen sent tens of thousands of emails and documents.

Stuxnet shows what government-sponsored spyware can do.

It prolly is all middle schoolers behaving childishly.

Except that these sumbitches were running wars and intelligence.

How many of these emails were sent during work hours?

Any briefings sit idle on their desks that might have been read?

Any young soldier's lives lost?

I hope not.

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There are some things in life I regret, but there is one thing I regret the most by far:


That I ever started trading.


When it comes to trading one has to keep in mind the following words, which were once so eloquently spoken out by Public Enemy: "Don't beleive the hype".


"The hype" is the so called "trading industry". They want you to beleive that "you can make it!" you simply have to put in enough efforts. I say: Crap. 99% of those who once started trading will lose money, although they put in lots of efforts.


No where do people lie more than when it comes to trading. Everyone knows the guy from the hood who made 20% within 4weeks in Apple. Next time you see the guy he says that he isnt that much interested in the markets anymore. Know why? Cause he then lost 20% with another stock, then 10% , then 5% with another, then 30% with a harakiri option trade. About the losses the guy will not tell you.


Sooner or later the markets will get you. Like Vegas. Just when you start to think that you are a high roller they hunt you, get you and clobber you.

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