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"Remain Calm..........All Is Well"


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The Point of no return was in 1913 with the Creation of the FEDERAL RESERVE...


The entire money supply is Debt... Right now 32 - 40 Trillion dollars


But the actual "cash" in world wide circulation at the end of 1997 was $425.5 Billion round that up to 500 Billion and that is the closest you can get to figuring out the fractional reserve


0.015625% or 0% is the fractional reserve of the banking system... When a fiat or debt backed fractional reserve system collapses or The Debt deflationary phase runs it's course all DEBT is wiped out or vaporized...


We are just at the beginning of the terminal phase (Debt deflationary) of the greatest fiat wipeout seen by mankind, the point of no return is ancient history the US became a Fiat system in 1971 when the gold window was closed?


If AL Green has half a brain cell he knows this, but to publicly state the facts would cause the psychology, which is the only way a Debt backed fractional reserve central banking system can operate, to go poof in the blink of an eye? They are just taking it as far as they can take it?(Maximum inflationary potential) And 15-20 months is as far as I think the psychology can be maintained? But it could blow at any time? wild cornered animal stage is fast approaching as in 0.0185% of the 90 year life span since 1913 is left? in the Think positive inflate or die psychology or RELIGION?


The money/debt supply will vaporize along with the economy and reflation to overcome debt deflation is not possible at this point? all the walls of money created in the past will come crashing down without new debt to support them...

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Gladiator, I was raised on that pop trash out of the 50s. "Attack of the 50 ft. Woman", "Rodan", "Godzilla" "Godzilla meets Kong", etc. Theres really nothing new under the sun, they are just recycling these oldies down at the State Department. Wolfowitz and Rumesfeld are up late into the evening scanning the video libraries in Arlington for the best day to day ideas. I think they go to the Conan card pretty quick here and then graduate to the Bruce Willis classic "Armageddon" by next week. Theives and liars all of them, not even as good as the worst scripting out of Russ Meyers Productions.


As a thespian who has, I assume, performed live acts in front of paying audiences, you must know there are only seven stories out there anyway. The rest are just variations on those seven. :wink2:

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Although I'm increasingly concerned that there is no bottom for gold... the miners that I have do not seem to be breaking any important trend lines. How much longer can they hold out, I wonder?

they'll probably break the trendline just enough to freak you out then reverse and head higher. Such a head game, isn't it?! :lol:

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