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"Remain Calm..........All Is Well"


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Senate announcement on ENE tax scams has been postponed until tomorrow. I have a good source on this who claims that several ENE frauds were uncovered. More importantly, ENE was determined to be one of the SAFER power merchants out there. FWIW. I would still treat this as a rumor, however.

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Gladiator, I was raised on that pop trash out of the 50s. "Attack of the 50 ft. Woman", "Rodan", "Godzilla" "Godzilla meets Kong", etc. Theres really nothing new under the sun, they are just recycling these oldies down at the State Department. Wolfowitz and Rumesfeld are up late into the evening scanning the video libraries in Arlington for the best day to day ideas. I think they go to the Conan card pretty quick here and then graduate to the Bruce Willis classic "Armageddon" by next week. Theives and liars all of them, not even as good as the worst scripting out of Russ Meyers Productions.

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maybe i am totally wrong about miners, but i have the impression, that there are too many people who beleive they will be the new nasdaq bublle stocks. I dont think so, big big money WAS already made with miners. Will there be miners which will rise by 5000%? Maybe, but i wouldnt bet a large sum on it.

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Gentlemen and ladies


I mentioned 1279 a few hours ago for the NAS... should show up


Magic dip buying once again at 23.92 ish on the Q"s.... this will soon break to the downside, the damn is about out of bricks there... seriously...


Stop cheering everytime it drops a few pennies, its truly bad karma


SG added equivalent of 30,000 worth of qqq short at last nights close... if that gives you any clue how sure I am of the coming



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