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"Remain Calm..........All Is Well"


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. . . . However as Mousey says, we can certainly shut up.

Drano my friend, that's not what I'm saying.

What I'm say is I am serious about my investing and I make a pretty penny at it

but, if you want to change Faber into M.I.T.,

say the word and that's me down the road.

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See you tonight in your Anals. This is the Stool Headquarters Internet Telecommunications Network (SHITN) signing off the air until 8 PM Happy Acres Florida Time.


Until then.





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Okay, Okay...you all convinced me...I joined today....Many tanks to all for making it VERY worthwile.....BTW, I've owned KGC for a helluva long time and am enjoying the comments on it. Now if you could fix BGO, CDE, & WHT, I'd be happy. Long on GG, GFI,GLG and TNX, too.


Again, Many Tanks.

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I am not kidding you here


This is right off of a broker-dealer piece by Oppenheimer (for Brokers to read)


"... there are reasons for optimism. Periods following four-year lows have historically been favorable environments for equities, with the market advancing by about 20% per year during the subsequent five years. Historically, investors who increased their equity allocations in these times were generally rewarded"


No recognition yet kids...

Which is why these "experts" have to make up reasons to explain the market's duldrums (9/11, Enron, War, etc.). My guess is that even as the market crushes them to ashes, they will still not get it. It will only be many years later, when one of them finally "gets it" and writes a market history of our time. As long as an explanation comes from the ranks of their own (read: those who faithfully parrot the wall street party line), they'll seriously consider what we already know is the reason for the market malaise.


However, if it comes from non-mainstream sources (e.g. Puplava, Weiss, Prechter, Dr. Stool, etc.), they'll immediately reject it out of hand. That's just the way the "system" works ... and why/how the idiocy of the status quo is perpetuated. If you think outside the box, you need not apply. We're all about embracing "convention wisdom." Original thoughts should not be taken seriously.

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Guest AssMaster
Although I'm increasingly concerned that there is no bottom for gold... the miners that I have do not seem to be breaking any important trend lines. How much longer can they hold out, I wonder?

they'll probably break the trendline just enough to freak you out then reverse and head higher. Such a head game, isn't it?! :lol:

Indeed... miner stock trades are overseen by criminal stop probers.

Criminal stop probers is certifiably true. Been probed and it was not fun. Stop loss executed at perhaps the exact all time low for DROOY.

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